We normally do not do pre orders. But we have also never done leather sheaths, either. So we're still trying to understand how much demand there is. In order to not disapoint you guys, we are going to accept pre orders for the second batch of leather sheaths for the Dogbone. Please read the following.


1. The preorder cost is $10. This will be applied to the sheath cost of $95. Once we recieve the sheath, we will ask you to pay the remaining $85 before we ship out your order.

2. The $10 is refundable at any time. Just send us an email with your order number and a request to concel. We will refund it, no questions asked.

3. We expect to be able to fulfil these pre orders in 4-6 weeks. It could be longer based on the quantity of preorders.

4. We will only charge you shipping once. If you would prefer it be when you pay your final order amount, let us know and we will refund the initial shipping amount.


Leather sheath for the Matt Helm collaboration Dogbone. This sheath is made for us by Chattanooga Leather Works. Available in brown or black leather. Sheath is wet formed and hand boned to fit the Dogbone perfectly. The craftsmanship on these sheaths is beautiful. The sheaths are primarily designed for scout carry, but the loops can be configured vertically for more traditions belt carry.

**PRE-ORDER** Matt Helm Dogbone Leather Sheath, By Chattanooga Leather Works

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