The Harris was designed as general use skinning and camp knife. It is designed to be tough, agile and excell at skinning wild game from turkeys to elk. The knife is made from black oxide treated 80crv2 or nitride treated D2 steel. The handle can be configured with textured natural micarta, vintage Westinghouse micarta or carbon fiber. The knife is supplied with a sheath that is made by Minuteman Defense. It is outfitted with a Discreet Carry Concepts HLR Mod 4 gear clip.


For the design we colaborated with SGM William Harris. 


SGM Will Harris is a retired Army veteran with over 25 years of service. He spent 17 of those years assigned to a special mission unit doing numerous tours in Iraq and a tour in Afghanistan and Bosnia. An avid outdoorsman, he did not draw on his years in the military for the design of this knife. It was his passion for the outdoors and more than 30 years hunting that were the inspiration.


Hunting in over a dozen states and in wilderness/backcountry settings, he was left wanting for a knife that could do it all. The knife needed to be able to stay sharp through at least two large animals (elk/ caribou size) have enough heft to hack through ribs, and have the proper shape to handle both skinning and deboning tasks. The handle needed to maintain a solid grip, even when covered in blood, and the knife still needed to work as a general camp knife. He admits he can’t sharpen a knife with just a stone so the knife needed flats along the spine to hold a clamp on sharpening device. This is especially important since a blade hard enough to maintain an edge through two large animals had to be hard (aka difficult to re-sharpen). A random conversation with a good friend led to the birth of the “Harris Knife”.



OAL: 8.6"

Bland length: 3.65"

Blade Thickness: 3/16"

Blade Material: D2 tool steel or 80crv2

Scale material: Carbon Fiber, Canvas micarta (Lighter tan color), Vintage Canvas Micarta (characterized by darker colors and aged look)

The Harris Knife